Summer is knocking, I don’t want to let it in

How’s your weekend? Mine’s a hot one – nothing kinky, just blistering HOT. I meant real deal, authentic hot – the temperature that is! Days of blow dryer in your face effect is back again.

Yesterday, we went out to have lunch to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. We had no car (the husband had to go somewhere) and had to walk to the taxi/bus stand, some 100 meters away from our apartment building and as soon as the sliding door opened, hot, heavy air slapped our faces, with some sand thrown in. It was searing hot at 42C and very windy – it was difficult to hold my hair in place at the same time hold my skirt ala-Marilyn Monroe. I had to go back, take off the white halter dress that kept blown by the wind and change into jeans and shirt.

Just kidding about the dress thing. 🙂

Anyway, just when I thought summer is a little bit late this year, summer knocked on us yesterday. Today is also a hot one outside. There’s a big summer sale at a mall just across the road from my office, with up to 60% discount on practically everything but I am able to keep 100% of my money because of the heat. Who wants to go out and walk outside when it’s searing hot?

Sometimes the heat can have its advantages.


  1. I know you what you feel as we are particulary neighbours lol I am feeling the heat too, you feel that the air cons are not working and you constantly need to take a shower!

    What i wouldnt do for a little cool breeze…aaahhhh

    I wonder though which is hotter, the UAE or Oman?



  2. Wow! I can’t believe how hot is is for you!! It will barely get above 70 or so here all summer, but we don’t have air conditioning, so when it does get hot, it’s pretty miserable.

    No a/c in Germany? In Japan, most of the homes don’t have a/c so when we went back last summer, I realized that summer in Dubai is BETTER than summer in Japan although the temps are very much different (it doesn’t go over 35C in Japan).

    In Dubai, all the buildings are temperature-controlled so as long as you don’t spend too much time outside in the middle of summer, you’ll survive.
    Monicas last blog post..Another Day Closer



  3. I would perish from the heat. I live in air-conditioning.

    LOL! Not that bad – I am still alive. You will just have to stay indoors so you won’t perish! 🙂

    Jennifers last blog post..Changes



  4. Hi! West of Mars blog brought me here.

    it’s nice to read up on dubai. my husband and I are planning to visit in September but we scrapped the plan because of the ongoing H1N1 virus. a friend is pushing through by the end of this month though, it’s just too close to cancel the booking.

    we all thought the temps there is not that hot yet in May but we were wrong.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I think the reason you should scrap your Dubai visit plan in Septemer is the heat and not the flu virus. The flu craze going on should be over by that time I’m sure but summer ain’t over in September!

    The best time to visit Dubai is November-March. 🙂

    The temps in May is hot at midday but somehow still manageable in the mornings and nights.

    julianas last blog post..Teresa Tambunting



  5. Right now it is about 54 degrees with a light rain. Where I live is such a temperate place in the Pacific Northwest. At this time of year, I still mainly wear a sweater. In the summer, if it gets up to 80 degrees, we feel that it is very hot!

    What a lovely place. 80F in summer is so nice!

    Joyce T.s last blog post..Hanging Tomato Plant Project



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