Store names seen in Manila

I’ve posted about the funny store names in Dubai, now it’s time for Manila to shine!

1. Elizabeth Tailoring

2. Christopher Plumbing

3. Anita Bakery

4. Doris Day and Night (a 24H cafeteria)

5. Goldirocks (a sand and gravel supplier)

6. Felix the Cut (children’s hair salon)

7. Curl up and Dye (a ladies salon)

8. Wash up Doc? (a laundromat)

9. The Way We Wear (a clothing boutique)

10. Leon King ( a video rental shop)

11.  Meating Place (a butchery)

12. Petal Attraction (a flower shop)

13.  Sylvestre’s Salon (where the tough guys go for a haircut, I suppose?)


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