Proper and improper swim wear, know the difference!

I didn’t report for work today, Saturday (my first day of work week) because I am tired, have not had a two-day weekend since uhm, December last year. As I usually say whenever I have two straight days off, what a difference an extra day makes!


Yesterday, we took Pristine to the beach to gather sea shells for her project in school. We usually go early in the morning when the beach is quiet and clean but yesterday was different, we went at 4 pm. The sun was still up and I am glad we brought a proper swimwear for her.


By the way, in the above photo, Pristine is wearing a fabulous swimwear for kids from UV Skinz. They sent a sample for me to review (and one to giveaway soon – so watch out for that!) and I must say, how on earth parents in Dubai let their kids go to the beach without these kind of swim wear! We all know the importance of sun protection especially from a young age. I’ve had sleepless nights scratching Pristine’s back whenever she goes to the beach with a swim wear that exposes her back skin and I promised myself to get a swim wear that has maximum coverage. It was so hard for me to find one here in Dubai – which is odd because the sun is out 330 days of the year and the necessity is there!

She has another swim wear like this which I bought here but it’s an overall style – shirt and shorts stuck together which is so hard when she wants to go the toilet.


See how the other kids are exposed to the sun?

UV Skinz is like a second skin, lightweight, not hot and so comfy. Most importantly, it protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. I’ll write a more thorough review of UV Skinz in another day as it deserves a post on its own.

Anyway, at the  beach…I have a plea!

I don’t understand why some men think that their underwear/briefs are meant for swimming! I have seen these men in beaches here, public or private and they frolic in their undies without shame althought the whole shape and contour of their *ahem* manly properties are so exposed. And when I thought that there’s nothing worse than that, a man with a WET thin white cloth wrapped around his torso walked in front of us.


Look at that man in the leftmost. Zoom the photo if you want. * M took this photo. *

My goodness, I was looking and Pristine was too! Our Friday family day turned into something rated R!


  1. Okay I see how exposed these men are and I have to laugh.Because of where you are bet you wont find a Muslim woman that uncovered there, or would you?

    It is funny here how much I make Roo cover up, and we wear sunscreen all the time too, and we dont have the heat that you do.

    Hollies last blog post..Do You Like the New Look?



    1. Actually there are a lot of Muslim women – Lebanese/Azerbaijan/Ukraine women in bikinis here. But I don’t think they are practicing Muslims. 😉
      In another view, there’s women fully clad in black robes swimming in the water!

      About the children’s swimwear – it’s appalling how kids are so exposed to the sun here. Long sleeve swimwear is not available in the stores! Crazy stuff.



    1. There are bikini clad girls in the beach so I don’t think ‘it’ remains shrunken for a long time! (TRUE STORY) Gross. I just turned my blog into a real rated R!!



  2. Wow, that is disgusting. I think people should have more respect than that. As for your daughter, Pristine is a very pretty name and from the pictures it suits her. That UV suit seems like a very helpful tool for the beach or any occasion.



    1. Thanks. I’ll tell my daughter someone likes her name. 🙂

      The UV suit is really nice and there’s also for adults. If you have children and hitting the beach frequently, you should check out UV Skinz too.

      I am sure your kids will thank you! And if you don’t have kids – you can always buy for yourself or for the kids you know. Not an affiliate of UV Skinz, I just really love their stuff!!



  3. I actually live in a city called Long Beach…in Southern California! So yes we definately do hit the beach quite often. I will keep OZ Skinz in the back of my mind since we are nearing the summer. Have a wonderful day!



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