Visiting Dubai’s past – Bastakiya District


If you had the impression that in Dubai, there’s nothing older than cheese, well you’re about to be educated. Not all of Dubai is new although during the last 5 years or so, Dubai has experienced an upsurge in infrastructure development, demolishing old buildings and communities and replacing them with posh, giant structures with blinding neon bright lights.

In the Bur Dubai side of the creek, you can experience a tour of Dubai’s past. The Bastakiya District gives visitors a tantalising change of scenery with its narrow lanes and tall wind towers. It is home to the largest concentration of traditional courtyard houses with wind towers.


I won’t get tired of visiting Bastakiya District and sit on these hidden corners, doing nothing but staring at the blue skies pondering about my life. Be prepared to ponder on yours when you visit. šŸ™‚


Contrary to the raucous rush in the streets outside the Bastakiya District, you can find peace and quiet and an unDubai-like laid back atmosphere.


Famous for its wind towers that lined the Creek, the district is a popular historical attraction for tourists. These wind towers were not purely decorative. They were the only means of cooling the citizens of the desert town in the past.

On Saturdays every week, there’s a Saturday Market at Bastakiya District that features the works of local artists.


There were lots of handmade jewelry, pillows, furniture but this fancy heart art caught my attention:


During the Saturday Market event, camels are available for your riding pleasure.


Some children were there. It was their first time seeing and riding a camel so the wide smiles on their faces!


The Dubai government is planning to renovate all the historic buildings of the Bastakiya area to open more museums, galleries, restaurants and traditional markets. Bastakiya is a district you will not want to miss, especially if you are interested in learning what Dubai is all about.


    1. Thanks Jen, my pleasure. I still have lots of photos waiting to be posted. Sorry I haven’t visited you in a while. Will do now!



  1. Nice to see an article about my state. I love Dubai. In current scenario, when government has invested every thing in construction, and then we fall in a slump, I can see it is quite difficult for govt to re adjust the finance. Many people have suffered from the current situation, especially those who belong to foreign countries. I have seen many people going back to their homeland after selling their properties in Dubai. But I am against it. Recession is a thing which is always followed by a rise. So we should stay confident and wait for good time. May my state stay as beautiful as it is now.

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