it would be fun to win!

I’ve been wanting to join a contest on my favorite radio station every morning called The Trivia Challenge for quite a while now. I love trivias and the prize up for grabs is not cheap: 1000 dhs ($367) of restaurant voucher at a posh hotel!

It seems easy when I am inside the car, listening to the announcer read the questions and I would sometimes laugh at how some people can’t answer to simple questions. They always say, it’s easier when you’re listening on the radio but tough when you’re on the spot. That comment made me chicken out so many times than necessary but this morning, I finally gathered all my fighting spirit and signed up for the trivia challenge via SMS.

Well, they called me back and I was on!

The rule is simple, you just have to answer as many questions as you can in 60 seconds. There’s going to be one contestant everyday and at the end of the week (Thursday), whoever gets the highest score, walks away with that dinner voucher.

I answered 10 questions out of 13 that were asked of me. Ah, I could’ve done better! I missed two questions just because I can’t make out what the female DJ was babbling – she’s British, and her English is sometimes too slang for me! The other question, I really didn’t know the answer to. Ten is not a bad score considering it’s my first time and how I trembled while holding my phone but a beatable one! So, until Thursday, I will be here, pacing nervously, sweating profusely, crossing my fingers, hoping no one beats my humble score of ten!

My husband recorded my radio stint with his cellphone so I might post the audio clip here for all of you to smack me back to my senses why I missed to answer the other three questions! 🙂

4/20 (Mon): trivia challenger (female) scored 7!

4/21 (Tue): trivia challenger (another female) scored 9! So close!! I was almost breathless while listening to her this morning.

4/22 (Wed): trivia challenger was a male and I know males score high in the trivia challenge. Kind of lost my spirits there especially the first few questions hurled at him were EASY! As usual, it was hard to breathe normally while the challenge was on. He scored 8!! I let out a big YEEESSSS!!! Tomorrow’s going to the be the last day. Let’s see if no one beats my score of 10. You know what? I am almost tempted to do my happy dance but it’s too early so I’ll save it for tomorrow, if I win!!

4/23 (Thurs): Last day of the week for the trivia challenge. Female challenger is on…I am breathless…she scored…7!!! I won! I won!


  1. goodluck! it won’t be a surprise if you win 🙂 wow- $367.00- puede mo apil sa kaon? hehehe!

    Thanks, bin! Pray for me.. 🙂



  2. Wow that’s big prize money! I agree that on the phone would be ridiculously stressful and what if you dropped the call? AH! Well goodluck!

    Thanks! Thank God I did not drop the call but my phone was wet…excessive hand sweating set in! Yuck.



  3. HA HA HA HA!!! OMIGOSH!!!! I heard this yesterday!!!

    Good luck, I hope you win!! I have won some delicious meals and even a spa treatment on that show.

    I love Rob N Vicky!

    Thanks! I didn’t realize someone from Dubai would jump out and comment! I hope I win too!



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