Close encounter with a good Samaritan (they exist in Dubai!)

Yesterday, I was in a very unfortunate situation where I couldn’t drive the car. The groceries I just bought were inside, my phone, my bag with wallet inside it and the car keys. Pristine and I had no other choice but to walk home – in the hot sun, at 12 noon. We don’t have money for taxi, no phone to call anyone – and everyone in our home have gone out and couldn’t be reached at that moment.

It was a painful realization, being in a foreign country where we don’t know anyone. I didn’t have the guts to ask for a lift, if I were alone, I could have but I was too afraid to get on a car with a stranger with Pristine along.

So we started our journey with only a kiddie umbrella Pristine had. Our apartment is around 3-4 kilometers away and we have to pass by a stretch of dusty, sandy paths. After a few meters, Pristine asked to be carried – she was tired, thirsty and sleepy. I carried her and walked and walked as far as my feet could go, carrying a load of almost 20 kilos with me. Cars passed by, maybe all wondering what a mother and daughter were doing in that street on a hot day like this.

All of them went their own ways.

In the next intersection, a black Porsche Cayenne slowed down. The driver opened the windows and the lady driver called my attention. At that point, I thought she’d be asking for directions but instead she blurted out,

“Excuse me, do you need to be dropped somewhere?”

My heart jumped and without thinking twice, I said, YES!! I was so tired, my back hurt like hell and Pristine’s face was red because of the heat.

The lady looked so kind and obviously had a very generous heart. She was on her way to church. We hopped into her car. I apologized profusely and tried to explain why but it didn’t seem that she wanted to know the full story. Her next words were so touching, her voice the gentlest ever.

“I know the feeling, I have three children. Just let me know which way to go and I’ll take you.”

I didn’t realize I was crying. Jesus did not die yesterday, Good Friday, but instead got busy sending an angel down to rescue me and my daughter. In tears, I told her, “I feel so blessed today”. The lady driver held my hand and said, “we are blessed, YOU are blessed, everyday. Jesus died for us. We are nothing but blessed souls.”

A stranger stopped and offered help, no questions asked. With my current relationship with God, I don’t even deserve that help I got but I did. I have no other explanation but that lady, that good Samaritan was an angel who walks among us.

God bless and keep her!


  1. You might think that you don’t have an ideal relationship with him because you don’t go to church often, but it’s not like that, it’s not how often you go to church that determines the height of your relationship with HIM, it’s how nice your heart is, how good are your motives when you do things, how unselfish you are, how good you are to everyone. it’s not about what everyone can see, it’s about what we can not see, about what’s hidden inside your heart. you are a good Christian. in fact, more than good. and of course, GOD is good to everyone, whether or not we recognize HIM, whether or not we fall short.

    roses last blog lessons



  2. Hi, Grace…

    I love this blog entry!! You poor thing. That must’ve been scary and awful. This is why the Bible says that God never leaves us. We all fall away sometimes, but then the Good Lord sends His angels to give us hugs and remind us of His presence.

    You and your family are in my prayers this Easter holiday.

    Many blessings,

    Marias last blog post..I Love This Country… But I Love God More



  3. Kind-‘hearted’ man gud ka grace- that’s why even if you didn’t ask, God sent that kind lady to give you and pristine a lift! (I just can imagine the oppressing sun at midday in a Dessert country) I’ve always believed that angels are just around us….



  4. that was a very touching story…God help us in different ways….thru different people…christ is indeed risen

    I reached here thru mamati’s blog…will keep coming….Have a nice day

    Thanks for stopping by, Nima! God really looks down upon us even when we think HE is not looking!



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