When you can’t swim, dance

Pristine and I went to the beach yesterday despite the cloudy skies. Recently, going to the beach had been a regular, weekly routine, which I don’t really mind since it’s just a 10 minute drive from home and on Friday mornings, there’s no traffic and aggressive drivers to think about.

When we got there, the wind was blowing and it was cold! The water was cold so we weren’t able to swim. I was quite disappointed since I planned to take a dip and was already wearing my swimsuit underneath my clothes.

It was definitely no swimming day yesterday so we just played in the sand, played music and did something else. Lady Gaga was on. I meant THIS Lady Gaga.

Turn, baby, turn.


Sway those hips, too. Yeah!


Please don’t ask me why about the pink overload. I do not have any control of this, whatsoever.


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