the internet, my sister, blogging

So I survived zero internet connection for the whole day yesterday. It was a big deal for me because I am a net junkie but coincidentally, some random paper work landed on my desk yesterday which I tackled until 4 pm. Poor time management! I should have stretched it to finish at 6 pm so there’s no room for me to think about being offline. I was a bit restless for two hours.

I have to admit, I can control my chocolate addiction than my aversion to internet. Now thankfully, everything is back to normal today.


Random thought today – why is it that I have these “random thoughts attack” on Thursdays?

I miss my sister. My sister who’s thirteen years younger than I am and probably 13 kilos lighter. *cough*

I haven’t seen her in almost a year and living alone in our house with my father (the rest of my many brothers are scattered all over the world, my mom, here in Dubai), I admire her courage and independence and her homesickness/loneliness busting techniques. 

She’s a self-confessed teenage dreamer queen.  Did you just click that link? If yes, now you know my little sister is into blogging too, caught the blog bug just recently and enjoying it (hopefully). I like her random posts, even if it’s just about the rain.  Before, everytime she moans that she’s bored, I always tell her to go start a wordpress blog. And yes, she listened to me, she’s always been obedient, well, except for the wordpress part. Somehow she blogs in Blogger but well, she’s the new kid on the blog world, please say hi!

5 thoughts on “the internet, my sister, blogging

  1. I enjoyed your sister’s post about the rain, but I am old enough to be her mama, so probably she would enjoy some of your younger readers leaving comments on her blog! Tell her I love to hear the rain, too, especially at night. It is like a lullaby. 🙂

    Joyce T.s last blog post..Ten Things on My To Do List


  2. Wow, it never really clicked that your dad lived in the Philippines and your mom lived with you… how does that work out for your parents or are they not together anymore?

    They’re not divorced, just away from each other physically. So far, there’s no problem with the setup.

    Kristas last blog post..Shaybah – The Empty Quarter


  3. hello grace! dalaga na ba kaayo diay ni yanyan noh! 2006 of december nako to last nakita…. mo graduate na ba siya this coming school year? tood- asa naman imong mga manghud? i knew that naa japan dante- ang engineer nimo nga manghud nag abroad na pud diay? ang katong before kay yanyan? tapos ang katong guapo nga tennis player- di ba sa makati na to ga work?


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