The post I didn’t want to write

Today I learned that it is not good to wait for something to happen to blog about. I should’ve just made a pre-written post to come live on Monday morning but I didn’t and waited for something interesting to see or happen so I can blog about it.

And you know what? I got what I wished for.

On those days when I’m walking blank and think about what to write, something happens, it can be less exciting like rain or another road diversion or me getting late but also sometimes, surprising or unpleasant ones come up.

I had a road accident today.

No, nothing major as it was in the middle of a very bad traffic, the cars were crawling and I was driving at like, 5 kmh, much like not stepping on the accelerator and just letting the car run on its own. I tried to change to the left lane but the driver was so aggressive and wouldn’t give way. I couldn’t turn to Pristine’s school (yes, she was in the car with me – thankfully with a seat belt on) if I don’t change lanes and one thing I learned about driving in Dubai is that I have to make my mind and be in the right lane as early as possible.

I kept looking at my left side as the big, burly Pajero wouldn’t give way, so was the Armada behind him. Too engrossed with not bumping the ones on my left, I missed to see the car who suddenly put on brakes in front of me. I stopped my car, desperately but it touched.

The two cars smooched. A peck.

The driver came out and looked at the back of his car to see a small scratch – it was not even a dent. I had a scratch too and we proceeded to drive on the side of the road and called the police.

* We are fine. Pristine nagged and told me to be careful. I was but I guess not quite!  After the police left and we have to proceed to her school, I was silent then she told me, “Don’t worry mom, when I grow up, I’ll drive and I am careful. You don’t have to drive anymore.*


  1. I’m glad to know you are both okay and I’m glad that you can retire soon from your chauffeur position.

    Some days are not good. You never know when you wake up what the day will bring, do you?
    Relax the evening with a cup of something yummy.

    mannequins last blog post..Puppets and Dolls



  2. I am glad both you and Pristine are ok. Your daughter is ever so sweet to offer to drive you when she is older.

    Take good care of your selves



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