Visiting Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphins? in the desert? YES!

Dubai Dolphinarium opened last year and I have heard lots of good things about it. We have postponed going there for the longest time but finally went – and wondered why we put it off for so long!

They have added special lighting, smoke and sound effects to all of the programs. The photo I took couldn’t justify the amazing light and sound effects we experienced.

Dubai dolphinarium

The 3 dolphins had a grand entrance. Pristine couldn’t stop clapping her hands.

Dubai dolphinarium

The dolphins, each having their own names (wait, I’llย  ask my daughter, she knows the names by heart) entertained the crowd with their impressive jumping.

Dubai dolphinarium

Through suspended rings…

Dubai dolphinarium

Twirling ball, dancing…

Dubai dolphinarium

Seals join the dolphins for the second half part of the show. They are all so intelligent creatures.

Dubai dolphinarium

The show was spectacular. Pristine, my girl who’s scared of small fishes is NOT afraid of the big fishes at all. Just minutes after the show started, she was already telling me that we’ll just have to come again!

Dubai dolphinarium

If you’re in Dubai and haven’t checked out Dubai Dolphinarium, then you should! We spent a great time there and it’s not just for kids, it’e great entertainment for adults as well. I can’t tell you how much I said “wooo!” and clapped my hands plus I was smiling the entire show which lasted for an hour! *yes, that is my idea of entertainment*


You can find Dubai Dolphinarium inside Dubai Creekside Park. There’s a 5 dhs entrance fee at the Park main gate and entrance to the Dolphinarium is at 50 dhs for adults, 30 dhs for children (standard seats). There are other prices available, depending on the seat locations, check here. Oh and check the timings before you go.

9 thoughts on “Visiting Dubai Dolphinarium

  1. Thanks for this, my daughter would love this (although she too is afraid of little fish, hope this will change her mind)


  2. quote: ” …is NOT afraid of the big fishes at all”

    Hm, that might be due to the fact that dolphins aren’t actually fish at all? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But honestly, if she had been afraid, she would have been pretty much the first person I ever heard about who is. Everybody seems to love the beasts to bits. Personally they annoy me a bit with their neverending goofy grinning. LOL

    I guess I have to change the word fishes to “swimming creatures” to include the dolphins! ๐Ÿ™‚

    samullis last blog post..Etsy Finds – Week 13-2009


  3. We used to have a Sea World within 20 minutes of my house, but a couple years ago they took it out and moved the long time mammals to other locations in the US. It was a sad day. Such a wonderful family outing without having to travel far. I really enjoyed your pics. Great timing on those shots! (through the hoops, ball on the nose, etc).

    Sheilas last blog post..New grains and new drivers. Not related.


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