Would you pick up a phone from a garbage bin?

Apparently, finding a phone in a garbage bin felt like finding an item that has been on your wish list for years. Never mind the cigarette butts and the ashes, the rotting banana peeling and perhaps spit, a phone in a garbage bin is a treasure.

I solved the mystery of my missing phone this morning after having a very tough sleepless night.

At first, I thought I must have dropped it in the hotel lobby, just outside the gym where I was holding my phone last. I went back to the hotel this morning and checked the surveillance camera. Just before getting on the elevator at 2 pm, heading back to my office, I was holding my phone, with a piece of A3 paper (scratch paper) in my hand. When I came out of the lift, I saw myself again, still holding my phone so no, I did not drop it inside the hotel. And if I did, the staff would have reported it to their Lost and Found section.

I got out, turned right, walking towards my office but stopped by a garbage bin to throw the A3 scratch paper and mindlessly, along with it, horror of all horrors, my phone.

That’s it, there’s no other explanation.

I couldn’t have dropped it on the pavement while I was walking towards the next building where my office was. It was on the garbage bin.

I called my own number this morning and got really excited because my phone rang!! Yesterday, it was saying that it was switched off. Someone answered my call but then hung up on me. I called again, that someone on the other end hung up again. I sent an sms begging to please return my phone, that it has a tracking device (lousy trick?), threaten that I know where it was and will call the police.

No use. Finders keepers/thieves don’t operate that way.

So there, I am officially phoneless. I’ll go to the telecom company tonight to get another SIM card with the same number. Losing a phone is so stressful, more so because I know that it was entirely my fault. I hate myself for being so careless!


  1. My friend thought he lost his phone on night in a taxi. The taxi driver came back and let us look for it, but it wasn’t there. He texted the phone “please return, no questions asked.” Then he called Etisalat and told them his phone was lost. At 5:00 the next morning, the Dubai police called him and returned the phone! Turns out they stopped the taxi driver and searched his pockets and found two phones. One was my friend’s phone! One thing we couldn’t figure out though was…how did they finger the taxi driver? How did they know the phone was with him? Maybe there is a tracking device. Good luck on finding your phone. Maybe the Dubai police will do some fancy detective work!



  2. Hi Katy,

    I went to Etisalat last night after calling in the morning to get my replacement SIM card. I told them my phone was stolen but (not) surprisingly, the man on the counter didn’t bother at all. No reaction – like this kind of thing is a normal day to day occurrence here?

    Your friend was lucky to have his phone back. Yay, to Dubai Police for helping him!

    I wish it would be the same for my case.



  3. Sorry about your phone. If it makes you feel better, last year I literally didn’t have the same phone for more than three consecutive weeks all year. They kept either breaking, got lost, or got stolen. Expensive year, but thankfully I’ve had this one for about 3 months now!



  4. Sorry to hear about your phone, i had a simliar incident happen to me once but i had dropped my phone while getting out of the car. I didnt know it at the time and i was searching for my phone called my number and it was ringing so i thought oh it must be in the car.
    When i reached the car it was not there, so i called myself again and it was switched off, so my thief probably heard the phone ring the first time and though (this is my lucky day).

    Just like you i had to replace my sim card and got a new phone what is really irritating is that you have lost all of your contacts!!

    Let them steal the phone just leave the sim card its such a hassle!!



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