Maybe in another week

It’s the second week of March and yesterday (our weekend here in the UAE) we went to the beach, anticipating lovely beach time.

Someone already made a big splash as Pristine tested the water.

testing water

As of yesterday, the water on the beach is still cold and while there were brave souls who took a dip and we hear screaming children around, we decided we’ll wait for another week.

Since there weren’t any human swimmers around, we saw plenty of professional swimmers coming near to say hi.


M pointed out the fishes to Pristine. Here’s her simple reaction.


If we can’t play in the water, it doesn’t mean beach weekend is ruined. We walked around to check shells and saw interesting sand forms. M and Pristine check out something in the sand. Small crabs?


Closeup look of their find. “Ewww!” The sight of this disgusts me. Small perfectly rounded sand and then a hole. Any idea who lives in that hole?


Pristine freaked out at the fishes in the sea but the strange sand formation did not bother her at all. There were plenty of these in the seashore. Do you know what it is? I don’t – want to know, that is!

Sand play continues. M always has a busy schedule and rarely home on weekends so father and daughter moments like this is a treasure


After building sand hills, she declares. “Let’s see how soft the sand is!” Boing!


We walked further along the shore, counting our footprints in the sand as we go. Learning Math while in the beach is cool, what do you think?  We found a little girl with his family and they clicked really well, instantly.

“Hi, where are you from?” They talked and the girl told Pristine she’s from Jordan and Pristine replied she’s from Japan. These little girls knows the most common first conversations of people living in Dubai!


I was able to talk to Kenda’s (the girl’s name) mom, who gracefully talked to us and gave us a cup of hot cafe latte – and very surprised to know that her daughter Kenda is still 3 years old. She’ll be four in June this year but I think she’s BIG! Look at them! Pristine turned 5 last December and if you are wondering, her height and weight is normal for her age.

“Why I’m small, mom?”, she asks. I have to clear things up, oh no honey, you’re not small, the other kids (especially those of Arab origin) are just big!

Hope you all have a happy weekend!

19 thoughts on “Maybe in another week

  1. Awesome pictorial there! Very very pretty! I too love walking on the beach checking out all the little stuff. Shells, creatures, sand, rocks. Could keep me busy for hours!


  2. Hi Grace! This looks like a most lovely day! Wish I was there!

    The Oregon Coast where we go is always cold, so our family is used to just playing in the sand and at the edge of the waves, rather than swimming in the ocean–and it’s still a favorite place to go. The sandcastles and digging and hunting for things is wonderful.

    I love that you were able to meet a family and immediately connect and play together. How kind of the mom to share a latte! Wow! I suspect you must be a friendly soul who is very approachable, because I know this has happened to you before!

    jennifer in ORs last blog post..The Masters and the Classics


  3. Kids can make friends so easily, don’t they? My son is always waving and saying “Hi!” to total strangers whenever we’re out in restos or the mall. He always ends up bringing home a small toy, chocolate or fruit. 🙂

    And I envy how you guys can go out to the beach for walks. Anyway, hope you had a great weekend!

    CandyQs last blog post..on a whim


    • Is it allowed to go swimming on beaches in Saudi? I hope it is! LOL. I echo children being so carefree and friendly. My daughter could be crowned Ms. Congeniality everyday. 🙂


    • It was a fun holiday, though only one day and I had to go back to work the next day! The water here in the beaches are really nice ? a great consolation to our chaotic everyday life!


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