The weather, work and the Oscars

Brain freeze today – must be the weather. Today is windy, hazy and very warm here, I mean outside. In February. Inside the office is cold, the warm blooded people has turned the a/c on again and set it at a temperature that could lessen mother Earth’s lifespan by half.

Then it must be because I am working on a Saturday, the day I most hate being in the office because my daughter is at home. Even after more than two years of living and working here I still can’t stop whining about not having the same weekend as my daughter. I resent leaving her at home because what I’d like to do on a Saturdays is to take her to the park, color books with her, play Lego, read books etc. Simply, I just want to be home, that’s it.

But in the middle of a global crisis and recession, where the number of people being made redundant increases day after day, I can’t really complain much, can I?

Speaking of my girl who loves anything musical, we watched the opening performance of Hugh Jackman during the recent Oscars show on YouTube some days back. What an impressive performance! Pristine played the video clip over and over again until our computer crashed (Hugh did not crash it – the old PC is faulty in the first place!). My girl is awed, keep asking details about “Jackman”. “Why did he call himself Wolverine, mom?”

The answer to that would be easy if only she isn’t too young to watch the X-men movie!

Hugh’s performance is saved in the Favorites folder and she’s watching it for days now so I guess Mr. Wolverine just earned himself an admiration from a younger audience.


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