Important number we should remember

I took a break today from work to attend an event at my daughter’s school. When I arrived, there were no more parking spaces and I had to drive all the way to the next block to park my car. As I walked along the way, I noticed that there cars parked in front of residential gates. I thought, maybe the cars just parked there temporarily or must be belonging to the owners of the house. (Pristine’s school is located in the middle of a residential area.)


In the middle of the program, the school principal made and announcement that a car blocking a residential gate has to be moved because the house owners needs to take their child to the hospital! She asked any of the parents to please if they have parked their car on the driveway of the school’s neighbors, they should immediately go and remove it. A car licence plate number was announced over and over and over – but still no one bothered to stand up. One woman interrupted, “can you tell us the color and the brand of the car?”

The principal replied, “Why, you don’t know the licence plate number of your car?” I looked around…so many people (especially moms) had blank expressions and shook their heads. I can’t believe one can be driving without knowing their car license plate number!

Dubai Police had to be summoned to remove the car. When the school announced the color and the brand, one lady stood up and realized it was her car. Sheeesh.

Do you know your car license plate number?


  1. Wow that’s really bad! I could see if it’s a fairly new car, epsecially if you aren’t the driver, not knowing your number but everyone else should and it would be a good idea to memorize it fast.

    If you have a bad memory, you should keep a paper with the number on it in your purse/wallet or something.



  2. Gaahhh, this is so typically female! It makes me embarrassed to belong to that sex myself. *shakehead*
    I normally have no talent for numbers at all, but my own license plate? Of course I know that one. I learn that in the first five minutes of having the damn car, even with rentals. Of course, once I don’t own the car anymore I promptly forget it, but honestly, not knowing the licence plate of your own car is just pathetic.
    And I would bet money on it that it only happens to women.

    samullis last blog post..An Update on Jenny



  3. Actually I don’t know the license number of our cars. We have 4 that we drive, but I would never park and block a driveway or another car. People have no sense.



  4. well, honestly, no i do not, but at least i’m polite enough not to block someone’s drive. and in my case, most people wouldn’t say the license plate number, anyway–they’d say the giant white van!



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