The desert safari that might be my last

I had a good dose of Friday the 13th curse last week. We went to the desert to treat friends to a Desert Safari. My husband booked a reputable desert safari provider – good desert course (he claims), dune bashing, delicious food and lively entertainment. Well, the desert safari provider delivered everything, except that the “good” desert course wasn’t so good for ME.

It was too long, around more than 30 minutes of going up and down the sand hills, shaking our whole bodies. During the first 10-15 minutes, we were still screaming with excitement but after that, everyone was silent and I was blue. Pale, heavily breathing and seriously wanted to throw up. This was my third desert safari but the first time that I got bat-sh*t crazy motion sickness.

We stopped (I begged the driver to STOP so I won’t flood his Land Cruiser with vomit) and got some air. Funny how posing for a photo can make you look a little normal even if you’re not. (I am the one in the white shirt)


Pristine, however was fine. Goodness, my powers don’t match that of a five year old because apart from some hair clips out of place, she was perfectly ok with the rough and long desert course and even smiling naturally.


When we arrived at the camp, I wasted no time and rushed to the toilet to do my thing. It was my first time having a major throw up session like that! I was disgustingly sick. Until now, I was not aware that vomiting can be so involuntary, that no matter how you try to stop it before all your internal organs come out, it is all involuntary. One advice if you are on the verge of throwing  up: empty your bladder first!

Ok, I won’t go into details.

But if there was any consolation, we saw a WHITE CAMEL in the desert! I had no idea there’s a camel with color other than the usual brownish ones.



  1. Look at you….even when you have to puke you still look fabulous!! And Pristine is such a gorgeous little girl.

    However, a desert safari does sound like a lot of fun! Something we can’t do here in the US!



  2. i have contacted they have given desert safari for AED 150 and also given me a complimentary film ticket free to me and assured other services like hotel booking, Cruise, Dhow dinner cruise etc and many more packaged which are really cost effective compare to other servcie providers



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