The sand did it.

Today is dark and gloomy here in the Emirates. And cold. Again, not freezing but still chilly at around 14C. No need to argue with me with your below zero temps but it’s definitely not the usual t-shirt day here today.

Anyway, I arrived at the parking area near the office today and rushed out. It’s already 8:30 and I had to swipe the card on time or else get the look that says, “wow, she’s driving to work and she’s late!?” It’s a little bit of pain when you’re surrounded by people who thinks you one can only be late if they’re taking the public bus. Yada, yada, yada.

I realized after landing my butt in my office chair that I forgot my cellphone in the car – the one that’s parked 10 minutes walking distance from my office! So I turned my PC on and went out again to get my phone. I opened the car, saw my cellphone in the passenger’s seat but got very distracted at how sandy the carpets are!

Whoever gathered all this sand? Obviously, the sand-gathering culprit would have been only me or my hubby – we just weren’t able to see it because we always go home at night. And in the morning? Aaaah, whoever minds a dusty carpet when you’re busy maneuvering in Dubai’s traffic?

While I was there in the parking lot, I took the carpets out and slammed it in the car rear. Sand came off and the carpets are now spanking clean. I was amused of myself. I dusted off my clothes, locked the car and went. I was even smiling all the way back to the office. The people in the elevator must be wondering why.

I arrived in the office and my OFFICE phone rings. It’s my husband.

“I’ve been calling and calling you in your cellphone for the past 5 minutes. Don’t tell me you forgot it somewhere!?”

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