Day 4, Dubai Mall and checking out the monster


Read Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Part 1 & Part 2 if you want to catch up with this series.

It’s rather surprising – after a gruelling bout of migraine the day before and an almost sleepless night because of (single) bed sharing with Pristine, that I would wake up alive, alert and ready for another long day.

My friend was still sleeping even when the sun was already up at 8 am. Pristine and I woke up at 7:30 and got dressed for breakfast. We have a long day ahead. Outside, the Creek is already bustling with activities.

Pristine and I went to the restaurant for breakfast because my friend had no plan of waking up at this time. Oh, single women! She can really sleep until 12 noon, if possible. But me? I have not slept past 8 am for almost six years now. Well, this is not complaining, just sayin’!

There were so many tourists in the restaurants and I am surprised to see lots of Japanese there. The last week of December is off for many Japanese so they tend to go out and explore the world. Some remain in their warm kotatsus like my in-laws, though. Anyway, I find it really uncomfortable for people to stare at me whenever I am with my daughter if my husband is not around. They are clearly confused as to why a non-Japanese looking woman is talking Japanese to a child who looks Jap but not quite. Finally, someone was not able to resist and ask: “Is that your child?”


Should I just carry her birth certificate with me all the time? *shudder*

We were able to go out at 11 am when my friend had finished her round of breakfast, shower and makeup session. It’s another sunny day today and it got pretty warm when we arrived at the taxi stand. Since it’s a working day, there was traffic on the road and the usual war to get a taxi. They are either with passengers in them, the driver refusing to stop (for whatever reason ranging from because it’s prayer time or simply because they didn’t want to work). It took us one hour waiting at the stand. Luckily one passenger got off and I immediately opened the door and called in my friend and my daughter. A man standing a few meters away from me shouted, “Hey, I called that cab!” Well, random man, I called that cab too, as the other people on that side of the street but the cab stopped in front of me and I had the delicious opportunity to open the door and get in.

This is the way it works here in Dubai. If you’re a tourist reading this, remember that. If you’re a resident, I know you’re nodding and nodding.

Dubai mall was a blah on a weekday. The huge mall only had few shoppers. I took my friend to the giant aquarium. Pristine is always delighted to be here.


There was a diver inside the huge aquarium feeding the fishes! The sharks, were in their usual intimidating selves.


The Mall had a giant Christmas tree with a height that spanned 3 floors.

The Christmas tree changes lights every x seconds or so.  I have compared the size of the tree to a normal adult here.

Since I have talked about the Dubai Mall and all its glory here and here, I will share what’s outside of the mall. Dubai Mall is built at the foot of the Burj Dubai, the world’s would be tallest building when completed.

The world’s largest fountain is underway:


I guess those black covered things on the ground are for the lights and water spouts. And in case you’re wondering how tall the monster has become:


Burj Dubai now stands more than 780 meters. The final height is still undisclosed. My husband looks forward to the opening of the observation tower located somewhere in the one hundred xth floor. I am not sure if I can share his anticipation. (I’m afraid of heights)

We walked around a very nice community of old-style apartments. The area is called Old Town. I can’t believe I have not taken enough photos during our tour. I’ll upload photos of the area I have taken in another trip.

On Day 5, my friend and I are going to the Mall of the Emirates. Have you heard of it? It’s another popular huge mall in Dubai. The one with a ski resort, complete with ski lifts and of course, snow (however artificial) in it. All that snow jazz inside a mall – my friend can’t wait.


  1. OH, I was trying to comment on the last post.. oh well I don’t have enough internet time to go back! I have never read problogger,, I guess I will check it out. Do you think the malls are more interesting with lots of people? I like them quiet, myself! Maybe will see you again this spring in Dubai!

    Staceys last blog post..One Day in Buenos Aires Pt 2



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