Sunday at its best

How’s your Sunday, everyone?

I caught another glorious sunshine this morning. I love, love taking photos of the sky early in the morning that I don’t mind having to skip breakfast to be able to spend time at the balcony with a camera looking at these:

We’re still enjoying the lovely cool weather, with a chilly 13C this morning. I once talked about the so called Dubai winter with someone from Sweden and she says she can’t believe that she’s feeling cold at 13C when back home, they usually have -20C every January. Amazing how human bodies adapt to the environment. After one year of living in Dubai, she is wearing a jacket, which is quite thick, just like everyone else who’s been here for a long time.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Ooh, that is glorious!

    I completely agree on the acclimating thing. I have no idea how I survived twenty freezing cold New York winters because now I start to complain bitterly if the temperature drops below about 17 (CELSIUS!)!



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