To love thee, Lee

I finally got my much awaited pair of Lee Jeans I won through Leanne’s Lee Jeans blog contest a few days back. I wasted no time ripping through the package and tried it on.

Just wow.

Lee Jeans is no nonsense jeans – the one pair that I can truly say fits me, accepted all my imperfections and hugs my body like a second skin! I have never worn jeans and felt really good until this one in a long, long time! You see, I have a perennial jean fitting problem. A pair of jeans could fit my thighs but very loose on the waist or can fit my waist but seems like exploding around my thigh area.

All because I have a figure like JLo. Tsk, hard life, I know. *sigh*

Kidding aside, I am so happy with my new Lee Jeans. This is my first pair from the brand and like someone who finally found the love of their life, I will be buying only Lee and stick to it till death do us part.

A big thank you to Lee and Leanne!


  1. Hi Grace! I love Lee too.. Been wearing ONLY Lee Jeans (medium to low rise boot cut) for about 10 years na siguro… tried other jeans here in Japan and found nothing that fits me like Lee does.



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