Christmas is around the corner, even here

Ten more days and it’s Christmas. Yes, we do have Christmas here and the malls are not afraid to show it!

I haven’t done any picture taking of Christmas trees in the malls except the one in Dubai Outlet Mall:


I am sure that there are lots and lots of other Christmas trees all around Dubai but I just didn’t have the time (yet) to go around and check them out. What’s very interesting about Christmas here is that, though the UAE is basically an Arab country, we expats have the liberty to practice our different religious and traditional beliefs. What more interesting? There were so many Abaya-dressed Arab/Muslim women and children who stood and posed for pictures in front of the beautiful gigantic Christmas tree! 

By the way, December 25 is a regular working day here in Dubai. We, Christian expats are allowed to take an off on that day (at least in my company) and that’s what I’ll do since I worked on the 25th last year.


Speaking of Christmas, I got an early Christmas present from Leanne and Lee Jeans (still on its way, though)! Remember the shoutout I posted about that giveaway? Well, I was chosen as one of the ten lucky winners! And having hosted some giveaways here lately, I am so happy to have won! I almost forgot how it feels to win something in contests.


  1. You know? I’m STUNNED that they let the trees go up over there, I’m really surprised to see them. Huh. Thanks for the post, it’s fun to keep up and see what’s going on around the world. It’s also nice they at least give you the 25th off. I would imagine they wouldn’t have to do that (?)



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