when it rains, it (simply) floods

I knew these morning clouds were up to something.

By 9 am last Thursday, it rained again for an hour flooding the streets and creating massive traffic. Some roads are blocked, some have closed 2 lanes out of 4 as no one wants to pass in the deep flood water.

Splash! Weee!

Even the flyover was flooded. Unbelievable. For a few minutes of rain, most major parts of the city is submerged. You ask, why? Most roads here do NOT have drainage holes (we’re in the desert where rain is not anticipated) and places where drainage holes exist are useless. It is clogged with sand.

While we were passing this road going home, we passed by two cars whose engine stopped due to the water.


  1. Yikes!

    After those couple of days in early November it hasn’t rained here. They were forecasting scattered showers for today and tomorrow but so far it’s been dry. However, my parents arrive for a 2 week visit on Friday, so I can pretty much guarantee that that is when the rain will start LOL. They have the WORST weather karma you can imagine!

    Robins last blog post..It’s a wonder what a little paint can do



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