we got lightning, thunder and rain too!

The big, fat suspicious clouds yesterday gave way to rain! This is the first real rain we had in the Emirates since February or March this year. I spent too much time staying up late last night watching lightning in the skies and hearing rolls of thunder, however faint sounding.

Weather like this makes me realize that I am still living on Earth.

My daughter used to ask me why there’s no rain, clouds in the sky or snow. We have the same weather 330 days of the year, which is a bit strange for her having grown up in Japan where we had experienced four different seasons. She even pulled out her jacket one day, the one we used when we left Japan during winter last year and said, “Mom, when will I use this again?”

My reply? “When we’re inside Ski Dubai, honey.” Although the idea itself is very remote. We did not escape cold Nagano, Japan just to frolic in this desert’s very popular artificial winter wonderland (and pay a hefty entrance fee, if I may mention).

So, last night after the dramatic lightning and thunder episode, it rained but I was probably sleeping already. I could have gone out and danced in the rain, like these guys:

or this guy:

They are happy (and so am I) because rain is a rare occurence here. But what happens to our roads when it rains, even for just a few minutes is not a cause for celebration, however.

The pump trucks must have worked double time last night because the roads were dry when I drove to work this morning.

Photos taken from Gulf News.

3 thoughts on “we got lightning, thunder and rain too!

  1. Hi Krista,

    No some roads in Dubai don’t have drainage holes and if they do, it’s clogged up with sand! This is desert land and rain this much (more than 10 minutes?) is not anticipated but I guess because of global warming which resulted in drastic change of weather everywhere, this city has got to find ways to survive on rainy season.


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