another year sneaks up on me

My birthday is coming next weekend.

Gah, I know, it’s been a year already since my last birthday. Does it need to be this fast? But although I will be gaining another year, I have made a promise to myself to look at the positive things more: enjoy life, appreciate what’s beautiful in this world and most importantly, be a better me to become a better mom.

Nothing to look forward to on my day. Same old schedule, go to work since it’s a Saturday, the first day of my work week. That’s it – oh, possibly a bucket of Kentucky to share with some female office mates during lunch (they love chicken). At night, we’ll have a low-key celebration at home, probably have a cake because someone is itching to blow the candles.

Bloggy-wise, I’m celebrating my birthday by featuring beautiful works of 5 different artists, each of them having a unique talent of their own. I want to say more but you’ll just have to come back and check them out! What’s so nice is that they have generously sponsored to give away prints of their fabulous artwork/prints to Sandier Pastures readers so stay tuned!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone (while I work)!


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