paying much for something so slow

Lately, we’ve been experiencing horrific internet connection at home. Either it is painfully slow or with zero connectivity, for hours. Just for anyone curious, here’s the range of internet service available to us here in the UAE:

  • Light User 256Kbps: AED 149 per month ($40)
  • Moderate User 512Kbps: AED 189 per month ($52)
  • Active User 1MBps: AED 249 per month ($68)
  • Heavy User 2MBps: AED 349 per month ($95)
  • Superior User 4MBps: AED 449 per month ($122)

Let’s just say, in terms of frequency and you can say, uhm, addiction, my husband and I are superior internet users having the Light User package above, which of course spells frustration. I’m almost giving up and feel like screaming. I can’t stand DSL anymore! I cringe at how it is even called broadband.

In Japan we were paying for the same ($40/mo) or even less with 1MBps connection speed. But then I’ll have to recall the cardinal rule I imposed on myself to stay sane here: “thou shalt not compare”.


  1. hubby chose the highest cost package from our internet provider. it cost $120 a month. he thinks that the difference in the amount with the lower cost package doesn’t pay for the agravation and the wasted wait time it will cost each time we use the internet. i think that makes sense.



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