We love Dubai in November


Just because Dubai is in the Middle East and very easily stereotyped as eternally hot, humid and undesirable, we do have a piece of heaven in terms of weather during November. In fact, if you visit Dubai in November, maybe you will want to stay here forever.

Just maybe.

The blue skies in November are worth watching day after day after day. There’s even no rain or snow. No gray clouds here!

I took the girl in the park early in the morning last Friday. Friday is my only day off but I was awake by 6 am. The girl didn’t plan to stay longer in bed so I admitted my defeat and took her to the park instead. The weather was so nice! Blue skies, cool at 24C, humidity that’s just right – if Dubai is like this everyday, I’ll be here for a long time.


“Come mom, catch me if you can!”


Pristine enjoyed picking up bird feathers in the park.


The sand was cold to the touch. It felt so nice, cool and silky that we eventually took off our slippers. No this isn’t the beach – the park’s play area has sand on it.


“Can we come here everyday, mom?”



On mornings like this, I don’t mind having to wake up early and spend time at the park. It was a good stress reliever – much, much better than spending longer time in bed.

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