Ritzy Dubai Mall gets desperate for opening

In a desperate attempt to open its doors on time, Dubai Mall gets really rough. Initial opening date was December 2007 then August 2008 and then moved to October 30, 2008.

We visited the area a day before the supposed opening and found this:

One lane road going to the entrance! It was packed with cars already – I don’t know what the others were doing there but maybe same with us, surveying the area before the big opening to plan ahead how to arrive in one piece battling the traffic. Traffic was as expected, a mess – one day before the opening. I couldn’t imagine what would happen on the actual opening day!

Below are just some of the workers in one small area. Look at those sand hills!

I have never seen so many workers concentrated in one project site.

The basement parking nowhere near “ready”.

Hazards were everywhere. Even the fine dust from construction was irritating my nose. I worry about the workers not wearing any protective mask.

A worker stops his busy work to pose for me.

Outside, workers are trying to fix hoses in the garden (I think so).

While the front side of the mall is taking shape and these signs are everywhere:



Ambitious, hey.

However, the back side was less than glamorous.

One week has passed since we visited. Knowing how the speed of construction is here in Dubai, I am sure so many things have changed. After all, they treat workers like elves – you know, those friendly little elves who can make a pair of shoes in one night?

By the way, the opening didn’t push through last October 30 (as expected again). The huge mall opened its doors to the public only after a week later – on Novermber 4th. We have yet to go see it.

13 thoughts on “Ritzy Dubai Mall gets desperate for opening

  1. Wow, it’s pretty impressive that in 1 week they were able to go from those pictures to open for business.

    I guess it’s hard to stay on schedule when you’re trying to do “everything.”


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