another road bites the dust

I had been taking the bus again these past few days because M is keeping the car for himself for his work. Their company has yet to provide him a car to use for his errands and kind as he is, he volunteered to use our car, for the meantime. Ugh, someone give this man a medal!

Anyway, the streets have changed again (WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE) to make way for the construction of the train platforms keeping the motorists confused and irritated. I had to walk for a good 20 minutes in the hot sun, I may add because my usual stop is gone and the bus had to go a bazillion more miles further even after I pressed the stop button. It’s still 8:30 am and the temperature is 31C. Horrible isn’t it. It’s October 20th already!

~ one of Dubai’s main roads, Salahuddin Street is closed for the Dubai Metro construction ~

But you know what? I actually feel the weather is cooling off….

Shucks, I just said 31C is cool for me. I must be crazy.


  1. Yes Grace…. I’ve been wondering why people in Dubai keep on saying that and it’s even absurd to hear a comment saying that winter already starts when in fact I feel like it is still the peak of summer.



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