Dance like no one’s watching

How does this sound to you: a crowded dance floor that is silent.

I wasn’t able to get the full details from a radio broadcast but here goes. There’s a night party in one of the hot spots in Dubai where the DJ distributes Wi-Fi earphones where you get to listen to a dance music of your choice, go to the dance floor and groove.

Sounds like fun, huh? Just imagine a crowded dance floor, with people doing their own struts without any background music! Personally, I want to be there, not to dance but to watch and get a good laugh.


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  2. Oh that would be weird… but I think it’s kind of sad actually. It tells a lot about our culture today, we can’t do anything as a group anymore. It has to be all individual. Where’s the fun of dancing to the same song with your friends? Or all groaning when “that one” song comes on that has a special awful meaning to you?
    My thoughts…

    Kristas last blog post..Aviation Day(s)



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