bad joke fit for April Fool’s Day

I am glum today because I am missing my daughter. After arriving late again for work due to the continuing mysterious traffic in my area (it was never like this before!) I am so ready to call in sick and go home but hey forget it, I’ll just face another traffic going back.

At the office, a huge workload came down from heaven with great speed, smacking, flattening me to the ground. After a couple of hours dedicating only one hand on the keyboard, the other still buried with the work load (I was lying flat on the ground, remember?), the phone rang.

Five, six, seven rings, the other person on the other end just won’t give up so I picked the receiver up.

“Hello, this is xxx school. Is this Pristine’s mom?”

The one line I don’t want to hear. Not right now, not ever.

“What’s wrong with my daughter?”

“No, ma’am, nothing’s wrong with your daughter. I just would like to ask a few questions.You paid the school fee yesterday, right?”

“Right. ( I just tipped all the contents of my wallet in your reception desk, lady).”

“Well, the thing is, we couldn’t find the money you paid. Did you really hand it over to me?”

Oh my God. Oh. My. GOD. Don’t ruin my day any further!!

Taking very deep breaths, thinking about all my positivity idols,

“Yes, of course I gave it to you and you took it. That’s why I have the receipt, isn’t it.”

“Oh well, uhm, ma’am, I really can’t find the money here.”

And it’s MY fault?? Is this what’s this telephone conversation is about?

Did she ever think that I have the ability to take out and hide money in a split second? That somehow, the money I handed over would land back in my wallet just like that?

The amount we were talking about is not a joke. I just paid a couple thousand freaking dollars (for one school term only) and she’ll say she missed it?

“Look, I gave the money to you, you got it, then you had plenty of phone calls you took while writing the receipt. I got the receipt and drove back to my work. That’s it.”

“”Uhm, ok, I guess I’ll have to find it.”

End of conversation.

Whew. Writing that calmed me a bit, I’m all preppy ready for more paper work now.


  1. Oh my God, these people are so unorganized!!! Thanks God, you have the bill!
    Last year, in my daughter´s school, they lost all her papers, and called me 3month later, telling me that they can´t find anything regarding my daughter, reason why,she is not officialy registered yet, even we payed the entire annual fee!



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