Japan summer ain’t a joke

It’s mid-September and probably cooler now as autumn nears in most parts of the world but here in Dubai, the mercury is still hitting 35C. A little lower than the previous month when we left for vacation but still not the time to turn off the a/c yet.

When we were in Japan, it was the peak of summer and since we are living in Middle East, anyone would think Japanese summer is easy breezy for us. Big misconception! I guess no one ever gets used to the heat! It was around 33C everyday there. Shocking realization: Dubai summer is MORE bearable than in Japan.

I am not joking!

First, all buildings in Dubai are equipped with central airconditioning system. Don’t think ‘unhealthy’ because we can set it at a temperature that’s just enough to make us comfortable not cold. Our a/c is set at 27C the whole day. In Japan, most, if not all apartments only have an aircondition unit in only one room. I had to spend two shirts just to cook lunch at my brother’s apartment. I may have an overactive sweat glands but you get the picture. It’s really hot inside the homes there.

Sweating inside the house!

 And outside? The umbrellas have all the words to say.


Pristine braving hot and humid Tokyo


Even in usually cooler Nagano, we can’t go out without an umbrella


umbrella girl in Niigata


hot summer in Alps Park in Nagano

Has summer ended where you are right now?


  1. Not here – it’s still 31 or 32 most days. It’s finally cooling off enough at night that we can *consider* turning off the air conditioning, but if we do it’s still beastly hot and humid (can you tell that I’m usually the “no” vote?).

    Robins last blog post..Me, in parts



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