Back in Dubai and shaken!

We just came back from vacation, arrived last night from a 14 hour flight Japan-Dubai via Hong Kong. I’m still at home and will only be back to work next week. Nice. I just spent the whole day in my pj’s. Everyone needs a vacation after a vacation, right?

After a very satisfying nap and gathering my thoughts what to write, our whole apartment shook.

Am I still in earthquake-prone Japan? This could not be! Dubai has built lots of high rise buildings thinking the area is safe! I felt the first tremble (sideways) and ignored it for about 10 seconds. Pristine was watching an MTV on YouTube and dancing while sitting on a chair beside me. I thought it must have caused the shaking but only after I sensed that it (the shaking) lasted even after the dancing has stopped that it was an earthquake. Moments later I heared people in the corridor so I grabbed Pristine and the keys and went out. Then went back again to get my cellphone and ran to the stairs. We are on the 7th floor. The lifts had stopped operating. Running down the stairs while the earth is shaking and while carrying an 18-kilo load was so nauseating.

It was smoldering hot outside but better sweat than be squashed so we waited. No aftershocks came (none as of this writing). Me and the others have returned to our temperature controlled abodes. I called my husband who is still in Japan and he was shocked.

An earthquake, in Dubai!

He asked me to take out the car from the basement in case something happens, we can escape by car. I told him I’ll do that when I feel the basement is safe. I don’t want to be trapped in the basement or inside the car! Anyway, I have done the task and now our very dusty car (more than a month of sleeping in the garage parking area) is parked outside our building.

I have readied the keys, a bag containing clothes, food and water and my wallet. One resolution I have to make henceforth – the need to wear a bra all the freaking time!

Update: The earthquake felt in the UAE was because of a 7.5 magnitude quake that occurred in nearby Iran.

12 thoughts on “Back in Dubai and shaken!

  1. ever wondered if it was an induced earthquake? i meant, is there construction underground! glad you and P are safe!

    No it wasn’t! There was an earthquake in nearby Iran and the tremors reached UAE.

    and glad you’re back. i miss your blogging!

    I miss blogging too!! Too much!

    … and really it does help to wear bra all the time – you’ll be ready to go all the time.

    I feel it’s just not right to wear a bra while sleeping and I just got up from a nap when the earthquake struck!

    Charlotte (Charmed Life)s last blog post..Sweet Home Alabama


  2. glad to know that you and P are safe. that must have been scary for you! everytime there is an earthquake here in tokyo, i have this paranoia of thinking that it could be the predicted great tokyo earthquake. and then shaky knees…

    anyway, the bra thing – i also don’t wear one when i sleep! (sabi nanay ko cancer prone daw)

    btw, thank you so much for dropping by our house! maybe we could visit you in dubai too someday =)

    elleculs last blog post..why is the sky blue?


  3. What a welcome surprise! I was even shocked hearing the news from my friend working in Bank Street but it was absurd not to feel the tremors at Sheik Zayed. Pretty weird though but welcome home and see you soon.

    I’ll give a ring if I could find time. See you then.


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