No lunch is like a death sentence for me

lunch.jpgMy husband is so busy right now with work. He has a very important client to attend to. Meetings here and there, coming home at nearly midnight. I can’t even call him any time during the day since Sunday. Yesterday, out of the blue he called me from a mall saying at last he’ll be having lunch. The time was already 3 pm. He said he and his clients had not taken lunch for the past two days simply because they did not have the time to do so!

What? Personally, I would not be able to concentrate if I am hungry. I’d not function properly if not nourished well. No time for lunch? What’s 5 or 10 minutes of eating? What meeting can be more important than having proper lunch?

Sometimes, I can’t understand the work culture of the Japanese!


  1. Same here…everyone else is indolent compared to them. But I’ve heard that recently, the late-night-still-at-the-office practice of Japanese is more for keeping up pretenses. Going home early even if you’ve finished your job already is frowned upon.



  2. My husband is the same. Have you seen Paul Chek’s work on diet and nutrition? he believes there are three basic metabolic types – protein, vegetable and mixed. Proteins live to eat – that’s me. Vegetables are happiest if they eat a couple times a day, mostly veg and fruit. Mixed are a mix of the two. I bet your husband is a veg. šŸ™‚

    On a Limb with Claudia’s last blog post..Lust.



  3. I would die if I didn’t eat lunch (especially while working). My hubby on the other hand can have a piece of toast for breakfast and eat nothing til he comes home at 4pm or later. Of course he’s starving then, but he could take something with him! I don’t get it!

    Cool fountain, by the way, sorry no cool name for ya!

    Krista’s last blog post..How Much Does It Cost You To Eat?



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