praying for those wasted souls

By now you must have known in the news that a powerful typhoon lashed the Philippines, flooding cities, killing people, including 800 believed to have perished when M/V Princess of the Stars sunk in central Philippines two days ago (Saturday).

Why did the ship sail even with the imminent arrival of the strong typhoon? Why did the people travel when they knew the skies were dark, seas were rough and winds so strong – an obvious sign of a deadly typhoon that visits the country at this time of the year? The Philippine weather bureau is always known to issue late notices for travel clearance and if they did issue a notice for ships not to travel, it is not uncommon for shipping companies to pay authorities just so they can go and not miss their sale of the day from innocent passengers. Selfish, greedy bastards.

Imagine the number of people who died in this tragedy, including more than 50 infants and children!

Story and photos in Gulf News.


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