all about Harry

Not the bespectacled boy with a wand and a broomstick. I’m talking about the real guy, Harrison Ford, the guy with the whip!

The 4th Indiana Jones movie is out and today is the movie premier here in Dubai and since I am a huge Harrison Ford fan, I’m not going to miss it for the world!

This week’s TT is all about Harrison Ford.


1. Born in July 13, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois – that makes him 66 this year!

2. Married to Melissa Mathison who wrote the screenplay for ET.

3. Divorced #2 in 2004. The divorce turned out to be the most expensive in the history of Hollywood.

4. Both his Indiana Jones jacket and fedora hat are on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

5. Was a master carpenter before becoming a movie star, a craft he still does as a hobby.

6. Lives in a white-painted ranch house that he built himself in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

7. Of all the characters he has played, he frequently cites Indiana Jones as both his favorite and the one he is most proud of.

8. Turned down roles for the following movies:

  • Kevin Costner’s roles in JFK (1991), The Untouchables (1987), Dragonfly (2002)
  • Alec Baldwin’s role in The Hunt for Red October (1990)
  • Warren Beaty’s role as Dick Tracy (1990)
  • George Clooney’s roles in The Perfect Storm (2000) and Syriana (2005)
  • Liam Neeson’s role in Schindler’s List (1993)
  • Nick Nolte’s roles in Cape Fear (1991) and The Thin Red Line (1998)
  • Russel Crowe’s role in Proof of Life (2000)
  • Mel Gibson’s role in The Patriot (2000)

9. Neither of his two most famous roles (Han Solo and Indiana Jones) were offered to him first. Tom Selleck was the first choice to play Indiana Jones and Christopher Walken was the first choice to play Han Solo.

10. Harrison is in seven of the top thirty movies of all times, including ‘Star Wars’.

11. Private pilot, single engine fixed wing and helicopter; regularly flies himself between New York City and Wyoming homes.Β Piloted his helicopter to rescue dehydrated 20-year-old hiker Sarah George from Table Mountain near his ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2000.

12. Has a species of Central American ant (Peidole harrisonfordi) and spider (Calponia Harrisonfordi) named after him in honor of his conservation work.

13. Engaged to Calista Flockheart (star of the TV show Ally McBeal).


  1. No T13 for me yet this week but I LOOOOOOOOOVVVE Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones is my favorite! It screens here today but I won’t be able to watch because we’re leaving (FINALLY!). No cinemas in SA, remember? :o(

    CQ’s last blog post..quick update



  2. I met him once when I worked at Adventure 16 in LA. (It’s a wilderness outfitters.) He was there with his very handsome son – and a complete ass. Very Hans Solo first movie – gruff, unfriendly and downright rude.

    Ah well… maybe he was having a bad day!

    Oh too bad but I would like to think he was just having a bad day!



  3. Can you imagine Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones, or, even odder, Christopher Walken as Han Solo?? Funny.

    Crossing my fingers that the new Indiana Jones movie shows up here soon.

    Tom Selleck for me is just for Magnum PI, not Indiana Jones!! I hope you get to see it soon!

    Darla’s last blog post..TT #100



  4. I’m a huge Harrison Ford fan, too and I can’t wait to see this new Indiana Jones movie!!

    I have a bonus Harrison Ford fact for you! He and I graduated from the same high school! 23 years apart, but he was active in the theater department in high school and it was tradition there to sign your name on the wall in the long hallway to the dressing rooms backstage if you were in a performance. His signature is on that wall and it’s very cool!

    Happy TT!
    Jessica The Rock Chick

    Wow, that is awesome! I would be talking about that my whole life if it happened to me!

    Jessica The Rock Chick’s last blog post..Nothing But A Number (Thursday Thirteen #38)



  5. I can’t wait to see the movie myself. I’m still looking for a theatre that shows it in english, though. I won’t suffer through Indy in german, that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰

    I used to have a huge crush on Harrison Ford when I was a teenager, never mind that he is older than my dad. But ever since he married Calista Flockheart, I have lost all respect for the guy. I mean, come on, Ally McBeal? Jeez… πŸ™„

    But I think I can swallow Harrison Ford with Calista than if he was with Lara Flynn Boyle (Jack Nicholson’s ex gf)!!

    samulli’s last blog post..Some dogs are not all that smart



  6. Indiana Jones, I think is his best movie. I can’t even imagine Christopher Walken as Han Solo.
    Very Interesting about the roles he gave up. The one I really couldn’t see him in, was the Patriot, I think Mel Gibson was perfect for it.

    Happy TT!

    I think he did his best on Indiana Jones. The other movie I liked that has him in it is 6 days and 7 nights with Anne Heche.



  7. I’m looking forward to the new movie too, I remember seeing the first one in the theatres and just being totally freaked out about the melting people! LOL! But I also sorta blame Indy for my anthropology degree, I was at an impressionable age, and it just sorta stuck with me! (I’m pretty sure that I would have done it anyway, but it’s fun to blame Indy!)

    Very interesting about the roles he turned down, and about the ones he wasn’t first choice for!

    Great 13, thanks for sharing!

    Mine is about Milton Hershey, king of chocolate, since I visited Hershey Pennsylvania, if you’re interested! πŸ˜‰

    You have an anthropology degree!? How cool is that? Sure I’ll visit your TT. Anything about chocolates is interesting to me!

    Shaunesay’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #7 – Milton Hershey the Chocolate King or My Trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania



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