local woman gets evicted

I read the news article twice to check if my eyes were not playing on me:

An Emirati woman was evicted from her home in Satwa by her landlord as the house she was living in with her Iranian husband, their four children and her brother’s orphan because the house was marked for demolition. The family is now living in a tent outside despite the summer heat.

Her youngest child, sixteen-month-old baby cries day and night due to irritation from the heat. Her many children are begging for food from neighbors.

Her story is heartbreaking and it’s real. All the while I thought that all local people (Emiratis) are rich and living in luxury with nothing to do but shop and powder dust on the lowly laborers in the streets while they drive their 4WD’s with uber expensive car plates.

You can find the complete story in Gulf News here.


  1. This is sad news indeed. Is it too expensive to look for a new place? i mean, like here in Japan where you have to pay 3-6months equivalent of rent for the deposit, key money, agent fee, cleaning fee etc?



  2. What a sad story. I would think she could find another place to rent, but are rents really high there?

    Yes, the rents are insanely high because of the ongoing bubble economy in the real estate market. A two bedroom flat in a decent area costs US$30K per year. That might be inexpensive for other people but it is expensive for me and certainly for that evicted family.

    A house with two bedrooms in an expat community costs more!

    (Our very small flat with two very small bedrooms costs $18K per year – but is paid by my company.)

    People are sharing accomodations here to save money. The prices are just ridiculous if you see the actual space area, the location and the overall quality of the building.

    Jennifer in OR’s last blog post..The Artist



  3. That is so sad. I never imagined Dubai having a homeless problem. Do they have shelters available?

    Normally there are no homeless people here because it is very difficult to survive without a/c during summer months so I did not imagine there would be a homeless problem too. No shelters available (none I know of).

    kailani’s last blog post..A Lesson in Hawaiian Flora



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