Visiting Dubai Museum

dubai museum

A visit to the Dubai Museum is a must on every Dubai itinerary for tourists and residents alike and finally we were able to go there to take a peek at Dubai’s history. Here are some photos during our visit.

The Al Fahidi Fort, which was built in 1800 is home to the Dubai Museum and is thought to be Dubai’s oldest building. It is situated along the creek in Bur Dubai.

In the past, the fort was used to defend the town from the neighboring tribes, thus the presence of ammunition inside:

A model dhow outside the museum is placed to remind each visitor of the traditional source of livelihood of past Dubai residents, prior to the discovery of oil in the region: fishing and pearl diving.

dubai museum

Dubai Museum is so simple outside but inside, a treasure trove awaits. Underground section is devoted to depicting a view of old Dubai’s occupants and their way of life.

Men smoking shisha and drinking Arabic coffee in the streets:

dubai museum

Herbs and spice shop:

dubai museum

Pristine was terrified of an Arab lady all dressed in black, selling textile, thinking it is real:

dubai museum

An old school setting:

dubai museum

A view of the oasis with abundant dates:

dubai museum

In the shore, a man and woman are selling the day’s catch:

dubai museum

A human skeleton dugged up in an old graveyard in Al Qusais. I wonder why he has a drinking cup in his mouth at the time of his burial!

dubai museum

Not so clear here but these two are believed to be husband and wife as their legs are joined:

dubai museum

In the souvenir shop, we found a lovely (big!) oil lamp:

dubai museum

and lastly, a little girl (sitting in the Majilis style living room in an old quarter) enjoying the tour!

pristine in dubai museum


Oh, and while you’re here, I mean in this blog, please take a moment to hop on to my other blog to answer a duh question that’s been bugging me lately! Thank you!

29 thoughts on “Visiting Dubai Museum

  1. Hi Lori,

    Although Dubai is surrounded by desert and it is easy to imagine it’s always HOT all throughout the year, it isn’t!

    Now is still very comfortable at 27-28C. It even gets cold in the months of December-February where temps drop below 10C at night! The summer months are so hot though and very humid. Summer months stretch from June-September.


  2. Sorry for not commenting yesterday–my computer froze up while I was trying. Argh.

    Interesting that we both posted about museums this week–though yours looks quite a bit fancier than mine! πŸ™‚ Nice cultural exchange!

    Darla’s last blog post..Friday Flashback


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