hot blooded mammals are they

I received the following notice in my desk today:

Dear Customer,

As part of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) commitment towards electricity and water conservation, starting from 1st March 2008, DEWA will introduce a Slab Tariff System under which the charges are based on quantities consumed.

It is expected that the system will encourage consumers in the higher slabs to reduce their water and electricity consumption using simple conservation techniques.

The consumers in the higher slabs include companies. Now, why I think that this is just one of Dubai’s scheme to earn more money from non-tax paying consumers? Because in this part of the world, people are willing to pay than conserve Earth’s limited resources.

Last week when we transferred to a new office building, everybody was complaining that 22C (71F) room temperature is too hot. I thought it was just right but they looked at me like I was carrying a deadly virus! Everyone disagreed and now we are back to 15C (59F).

What to do? It’s always winter in Dubai’s offices. 


My friend Kailani of An Island Life is on vacation and has given me the chance to guest post at her blog. Please check out my first guest post at Kailani’s blog – one of my favorite family blogs around!

9 thoughts on “hot blooded mammals are they

  1. i’ve seen on tv that developing dubai cost too much environmentally! there is practically no laws or mandates regarding energy conservation and there is no holding back when it comes to development not even environmental or people concerns, how true?

    btw, i’ve just now noticed your very nice header!

    Charlotte (Charmed Life)’s last blog post..Charmed Life After-Party


  2. Charlotte,

    Yeah, I think that sad fact is true. It’s just very frustrating to see the lack of environment care here. Even the garbage segregation or the lack of it is so shocking! Remember when we were in Epson before? When we would scratch out heads as to where each piece of garbage goes to which box? Here, all things just go to one container, be it burnables or not!

    Yeah, I have a new header. Glad you liked it, you were actually the first one to mention it! 🙂


  3. Hi Krista,

    They’d die in Japan too when ISO Environmental Standard implemented in the offices requires room temperatures to be not less than 28C!


  4. hi grace! sunod2x ko ni charm. i love your header better than before.

    15deg. that doesn’t seem fun. it’s crazy, but sometimes people likes to set the aircon to very low temp and yet, wrap themselves in jacket when it’s better if it’s set to normal temp and people wear no jacket at all. less electricity, less clothing.

    do they wear jackets? or it’s as if 15deg is just super alright with them?

    rose’s last blog post..he doesn’t scare me


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