bummed at the internet cafe

Right now I am in the internet cafe, trying to write a post while dealing with claustrophobia of sorts. The distance between two people in my left and right side is at maximum 8 inches only. The guy on my left is flirting with someone in Yahoo and his voice is so big I promise myself to bring earplugs when I come here again. I hate it when I can understand all his useless chatter.

I came here during my lunch break because I could no longer blog from the office due to strict and unreasonable internet rules. I can’t blog at home at night because I get distracted with the active toddler on the loose. Who would have thought, I still am ineffective to blog in this public internet cafe — my last resort to salvage my already erratic blogging schedule?

I took along a list of things I need to do at the internet cafe: write my Sunday Scribblings post for my other blog, write a book review, post my Saturday photo hunt and possibly concoct a Thursday Thirteen list or two. But what happened? I end up writing this rant. The internet cafe is not for me. I need to create a new schedule, possible involving waking up early in the morning at home. 


  1. I’ve become so dependent on my computer that I really don’t know how I’d cope if my use was rationed. I do hope you manage to sort something out soon.

    I’ve a COOL award for you on my blog, if you’d like it. 🙂

    Dragonstar’s last blog post..Yet More Awards!



  2. It’s a pity they got that strict at your office. In a way I can understand it because people do tend to spend a lot of time reading blogs BUT they should at least allow you some time – lunch times or so.
    I don’t like internet cafe’s either.



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