apparently everyone learned their lesson

Except me.

My boss summoned me into his dungeoncalled me again to tell me that my internet usage for December and January are a little bit over 1GB respectively and it is only my name that popped out in the list. Everyone who were reprimanded had either stopped using the internet (seriously, HOW can anyone not use the net for one whole day is beyond me!). Did I download or upload anything non-work related, he asks. Download, no but upload, yes, little bits of things called blog posts every day and browsing some sites, too. The boss said that it was ok to browse but define browse. What if the site I visit has a lot of images on it? Is it considered a download? He said that browsing was not counted for. He’s kidding, right? I could not have written a whole 1GB worth of posts the past month!

The list of employees misusing the net has come and my name is on the list (who knew these dorks the IT people are issuing monthly reports now!), or at least my IP address is there.Unless someone is accessing my net from remote, my boss says I should stop or be penalized again. They already got $300 last month!.

So, there. I will not be able to upload blog posts from the office from now on. Interrupting bloggy life, how rude!!


  1. I try very hard not to look at blogs at work, but I cannot even imagine not getting on the Internet at all! I’m spoiled. I try to do my blog thing from home (like now.)

    Hopefully you won’t get summoned to the dungeon any more! 😉



  2. Ouch that’s harsh, 1 GB isn’t even that much, it’s only around 33MB a day after all, it can’t be the blogging that’s doing that. I think they’re just picking on you. Still maybe calm the browsing for a little while especially if you watch lots of video but keep on blogging! We love reading your stuff.

    Stirlyn’s last blog post..Earn Money Fast I Will Tell You How



  3. oh boy! and here I was thinking that I was going to get a job just so I could blog (because I sure don’t have the time at home with my kiddies!!)
    Never mind then. At least here no one checks out how many GB I use in one month! ;
    Sorry to hear!



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