nowhere near Ally McBeal’s The Unisex

The persistent talk that my department would be transferring to a new building had become more and more frequent these days. Mid-summer last year, they said we’ll be transferring by July, then by September, then by November then December 2007. Care to check your calendars what date is today already!?

When I joined the company, I was surprised that the department where I belong is separated from the main office, a whole 20 minutes walking distance away from it. Just imagine I have to rely on the office boy to get some leave papers/reimbursement documents etc. sent to the HR at the main office. I would always pray he’ll not stumble along the way and deliver the paper to the persons concerned. If he is not available, I have to walk, even in summer.

male toilet sign in UAE

The other employees had talked about how big and spacious the new office is, that we’ll have new comfortable sofas and possibly, a good view from above. They had been dissecting the layout plan and inserted their names to their joy. However, I have only one thing to look forward to when we transfer: the freedom to go to the toilet and assured that I’d be alive afterwards!

*The toilet at the new building has separate rooms for women and gents.*

Nasty truth be told, I am sharing a toilet with 18 other men. Lucky if I go there first thing in the morning but after all of them have their fill of the highly diuretic red tea, the toilet is World War II revisited. I have declined the offer of tea twice a day, to the insult of the office boy because I could not bear to drink tea and be merry and later regret it when my need arises.

female toilet sign in UAE

Armed with hand sanitizer that claims to kill 99.9% of germs without water, I go there holding my breath, fold my trousers because the floor is too wet, splatter sanitizer on the seat, breathe with a thick handkerchief pressed against my nose, wipe the seat with dry tissue, unbutton and do my stuff. I have practiced holding my breath too much that I am pretty sure someday I’d be able to scuba dive without a tank. 


  1. Maybe I could live with a desk near the smoking room but sharing the toilet with men and too dirty at that? eeekkk!
    If that’s the case, I’d also refuse the tea being offered by the office boy.
    I do hope that your company would do the move soon…

    shiera’s last blog post..A Night With Okonomiyaki



  2. i can imagine that you have to put down the toilet seat, most of the time, before peeing 😀
    that’s the next reason why i don’t like shared toilets ( especially in some restos ), of course the smell tops this reason 😀

    ellecul’s last blog post..let it snow!



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