traffic is unhealthy

Lately traffic in Dubai had evolved from heavy to depressing gridlocks.

Going home from work tired and hungry and having to spend time on the road for more than an hour is not fun. Plus, it is interfering with my one and only New Year’s resolution that is to lose weight. No, I am not eating anything inside the car but what I do is stop by a park and jog/brisk-walk for 30 minutes or at least make it a goal to run 2kms at least 4 times a week.

Work finishes at 6pm and before I am already at the park by 6:30, run until 7pm and home before 7:30. But these past few days, I have postponed running because it is already beyond 7pm when I pass by the park and I am too hungry to run.

I never thought I’ll like it but I am starting to love running. I feel lighter and happy with myself with the accomplishment every after that exercise so I want to keep doing it but the traffic has prevented me from doing it more and it is not helping that the annual rent increases in apartments in Dubai is up and has forced so many people to move to the neighboring Emirate of Sharjah, creating gridlocks in the roads going to my place since I live in the Dubai/Sharjah border.

So, if I am not losing any weight as I write my December 31, 2008 post, blame the traffic and the Sharjah residents! 

I intend to climb up and down the stairs on days I can’t run. We live on the 7th floor so it would be a great alternate exercise. But sometimes, once I get home and play with the kiddo, I don’t want to go out anymore.


Any idea where to buy this thing called will power??


  1. That’s really tough! But then you’re luckier than those residing in Manila. 😀
    A 15-minute travel could take up more than 2 hours especially on rainy days!
    As for your physical workout plans, you could do that early in the morning.
    Hehe easier said than done. Good luck! 🙂

    shiera’s last blog post..Photo Hunt: Old-fashioned



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