close encounters of the humped kind

Earlier this month we had a one day holiday because it was the Islamic holiday of Hijra. We didn’t have work and no school for the babe as well. We had a rare  two-day weekend and out of the blue, M said we’ll go out see some camels. Huh?

Of course my mother was excited since she has not seen a camel her whole life and Pristine was thrilled as well. We went to Nad Al Sheba, a 30-minute short drive from where we live. This is the place where horse racing and equestrian events are held and we have read in the guide that there is a camel pen nearby.

We were not disappointed. We saw some camels along the road:


~ Dromedary or one humped camel along the road ~


~ I was scowled out, “respect my privacy!” ~

It was a delight to see camels less than a meter before us, if only they didn’t smell! I could only imagine the people who travelled using camels in the olden times.


~ some more camels, some dressed in fancy patterned cloths ~

Camel racing is a major sport in Dubai and the track is located in the outskirts of the city at Nad Al Sheba. It is quite a sight to see camels thundering along the track with small jockeys holding on for dear life. Since there was no racing event when we went there, we saw the camels in the pens being trained (shouted at and whipped!) by trainors/caretakers.

It was quite spectacular that from the empty desert in Nad Al Sheba, we can see the Burj Dubai on the background:


So it was true, the open desert can be cruel hot in the summer as it can get freezing cold during the winter. The sand was cold to the touch. The air blowing on us was very cold, I felt bad not bringing a thick jacket for the little girl.


~ amazed at the sand formations ~


~ very fine desert sand ~


~ enjoying the feel of cool desert sand on her feet ~

Next in line on our weekend plan: Get on a real camel and explore the desert (just a little).


  1. Hi Grace!

    What a great opportunity to get “up close and personal” with some humped friends! 🙂

    Thanks for contributing this post to this week’s Carnival of Family Life, hosted at A Child Chosen. The Carnival will be live on Monday, February 5, 2008, so I hope you and your readers will stop by and check out all of the fabulous entries included this week!

    JHS’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday



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