Dubai Creek from a higher ground

M had been asked to evaluate a hotel near Dubai creek for his work and we were invited to see the rooms overlooking the lagoon. It was such a great experience to see this body of water that is so much part of Dubai’s history. We have strolled along its banks but this was my first time seeing it from above:


~north of the creek~

Some have noted that this body of water was too big to be called a creek. I don’t know why they call it that way too, it sounds strange to me too as I have been used to seeing creeks that are dirty. Dubai Creek, however, is so clean the water is so clear. The government is taking action towards making it presentable for tourists.


~Traditional dhows for commercial and tourism use line up at the creekside~

The first settlement was built along the creek. On the Deira side, traditional wooden dhows still trade with the sub-continent, Iran, East Africa. You’ll see all kinds of goods being loaded from sacks of clothes to spices to trucks!


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