no delicious for today

It’s Saturday today and it’s almost 2 pm here. Any guess what’s missing on this blog today?

For a while now, I had been participating in Saturday Photo Hunt over at TNChick’s site. A theme is given every week and participants post a photo of their choice. This week’s theme is delicious. One can think of food so that should be easy, right? Wrong. I realized that I rarely take photos of food. Even if we go to a restaurant, I don’t have the courage to snap photos of food served in my table or maybe I am always too busy preparing for my first bite. Oh well, so today, I have no photo.

Totally unrelated to the photo hunt, here’s a recent picture taken outside of Pristine and her new bike, the one we gave her for her 4th birthday last month.


~the babe and her bike in the park~

Winter in Dubai is just amazing. We can go out without the fear of being rained on or be frozen. What we have now is perfect weather with cloudless blue skies, a temperature that is not too hot and never too cold and all the possibilities of a great day.

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