Along the bank of Dubai Creek

My husband had an appointment at an office near Dubai Creek and asked me, out of the blue if I want to come out and see some sun. I quickly jumped out of my seat and out of the steel-cold office and joined him for a free ride around Deira. Don’t tell my boss.

Dubai creek is a large shallow lagoon (sea water) that divides Dubai into two, namely, Deira and Bur Dubai. The creek is a historic focal point of life in Dubai. The side where we stopped for a walk is a paved promenade and along it, dhows for tourism purposes. We were asked if we would like a ride all the way to the other side but as much as we would love to, we have to go back to work! 

The creek was surprisingly clean despite the number of dhows docked. I can even see the submerged part of the ship!

Here are some pictures taken during that random mid-day walk. The air was refreshing. As usual the sky is blue and cloudless and the most important part of it all, it is no longer hot! Not hot nor cold, just right. It was a great day to spend outside.

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