Now officially a kindergartner

After two months of waiting and looking out the window to see if her school bus has come, she finally got her wish.

We got everything ready last night, her new school uniform, her new socks and shoes and her old Cinderella bag (she wouldn’t want to have any other bag than the Cinderella bag!).

At 6 am, I woke my daughter up and with closed eyes she whispered to me, “No mom, stay with me. Let’s not go to school today and please don’t go to work.” I told her we’ll just snuggle up on Friday morning but now we have to wake up because her friends are waiting for her. At the sound of the word “friends”, she immediately got up and said, “School! school!”

She started school last March as a listener (unofficial KG1 because she is under-aged) because we could not keep her  at home any longer as she is used to going to the daycare when were were in Japan. She loves to be busy, draw and play the whole day, sing songs and be with other kids. When she started school in Dubai, she was a little bit shy, with the language barrier keeping her from expressing herself fully during the first days. After a few weeks, though she was the youngest, she was has the loudest singing voice and the most cheerful (read: talkative) in her class. Now, she is more confident and speaks English very well, thanks to my mother who stayed with her at home and tirelessly listened to her talks and encouraged her to talk more.

All dressed up and ready, I helped my daughter get on her bus. She waved us goodbye with a wide smile on her face – – much like Cinderella getting her wish come true.

Then my husband and I ran to get our own buses. I had no time to get mushy this morning. My little daughter is not so little anymore – – and it just got to me now when I saw the pictures.


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