double celebration

Today, the folks will mark their 31st wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, Ma and Pa! Thirty one years and six kids after, I’d say both of you are ageing beautifully.

Also today happens to be my father’s birthday. Happy birthday Pa, may you have many more birthdays to come. Stay healthy and remember there’s a lot of things you should look forward to, including loads of grandchildren from your six kids!

11 thoughts on “double celebration

  1. oh BTW: thanks for visiting my blog and the well wishes. don’t mind me hanging around to check out your blog — promise to be quite πŸ˜‰

    i have always been fascinated with Dubai (and its attraction/ architecture) and might ask you a thing of two of it later.

    Don’t need to be quiet! I love riot! (we have a toddler at home)


  2. Now a days, 31 years deserve a big big celebration! Happy Anniversary and Happy birthday Pa…two thumbs up for building a home full of love and with strong foundation. Wish you good health and more annivs to come. God bless you!

    And to MA, congratulations for a job well done, for raising 6 wonderful kids and maintaining a healthy family. Superb!


  3. Thank you very much for the inspiring words. You’re such a thoughtful daughter. God bless u, maki and pristine good health always.


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