camels exposed

Although we lived in the Middle East for six months now, close encounters with camels  are not on a daily basis as they do not roam around just like that  in this highly urbanized city as thought by some.

camel at dubai park

Camels at Dubai Creekside Park

Camels are often called “Ships of the Desert” and very truly so. These animals existed even during biblical times and used to transport people and goods crossing the dry and very hot deserts of Africa and the Middle East.

they stink!

If I did not come here, I wouldn’t have noticed that there are two type of camels, the one-humped or the Arabian camel that is found in the very hot deserts of North Africa and the Middle East and the two-humped or the Bactrian camel that are found in the rocky deserts and steppes of Asia that get very hot or very cold. Also, the camel’s hump contains fat, NOT water. They can go without water and food for 3-4 days.

Love milk?

Tasting slightly more salty than cows’ milk, but with three times the vitamin C and up to 10 times the iron content, camel’s milk is touted as a powerful tonic against many diseases and as an aphrodisiac

Camel’s milk is much more nutritious than that from a cow.  It is lower in fat and lactose, a good news for those with lactose intolerance.  It is normally drunk fresh, and the warm frothy liquid, is usually an acquired taste for the Western palate. 

look at these lashes!

Camel’s milk is nutritious and delicious (some say, but I have yet to try!), non-allergic, low in fat and high in vitamin C and insulin. Additionally, it is even used in some beauty products and said to be the secret to Cleopatra’s milky complexion.

If these benefits outweigh the yuck factor some people claim, then this is a big boost to the camel milk industry.

Care to try?

7 thoughts on “camels exposed

  1. Did you try to ride on their backs? If i was there, i would love to. About the milk, they said it’s smelly, but if it will give me a Cleopatra complexion, i wanna try it too. Smells bad P?

    I don’t know yet if it smells bad. I would experiment with it as soon as I can and post my review here.


  2. where can I get myself some Cleopatra cream! I need good complexion!!
    I did ride a camel, that was scary! But if only I had known about the benefits on the milk! I wonder if I can find myself some Camel milk here in California! 😉


  3. The camel in the last picture is so cute – she almost looks like a cartoon – Maybe she’s thinking “Try my milk – really, it’s okay?” Sorry, Mrs. Camel, I can’t get over the “yuck” factor.

    You’re being funny! yeah I agree the camel is cute but I have to check the yuck factor soon!


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