relentless construction boom

It will be beautiful when it’s all finished.

For now, the world’s tallest building (when completed) under construction looks like this:

 burj-dubai-1.jpg   burj-dubai-from-far.jpg   burj-dubai-2.jpg

M told me that we can actually go near, so we did. At the foot of Burj Dubai:

Pristine not cooperating with the cam   at the foot of Burj Dubai

Around Burj Dubai are developments that consist of another man-made island called Old Town Island. They are talking about a man-made island right in the middle of the city. The brochure looks really appealing. Check out the interactive map of Old Town Island here.

Dubai Mall, when completed, is dubbed to be the largest mall in the planet is also being constructed nearby.

The endless construction is unbelievable. Right now Dubai is already nicknamed the “Crane City”. New Sheratons, Hyatts, Radissons and Hiltons are in line. Even Tiger Woods is developing an exclusive golf course here.

diggings here and there    Cranes everywhere!

Construction noise is always never far away

Though people outside the UAE are thrilled, residents are complaining. The roads are almost permanently clogged and living in Dubai is like living in a giant construction site where cranes provide as a backdrop to even the most luxurious hotels.

This city has grown big too quickly.

4 thoughts on “relentless construction boom

  1. Never in my wildest dream to see my wife, daughter and granddaughter to set foot on the world’s record breaking landmarks in Dubai. I look forward to visit and see these Babel’s Towers of modern times.


  2. Nice pics! How i wish i could take pictures there too, see those amazing towers and “window” shop on the largest mall and live on the man-made island. Someday!


  3. wow! papa is commenting.

    it must be great to witness the growth of those buildings. just like seeing a seed, watching it grow and eventually, it bear fruits. everything is history in the making.


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