Drinking in Dubai: What’s it Like?

Don’t scream now but I have not had alcohol for more than six months already. For non-drinkers, I’d get a duh! in the face but for my friends and former office colleagues in Japan, I’ll get a high-pitched unbelievable!

Wait! I was not heading to rehab prior to our move to Dubai. Got to get that straight and clear, ahem.

Drinking in Japan does not carry the stigma with which it is saddled in other countries like America. In fact, it is viewed as a trust-building endeavor that helps cement relationships. The Japanese even has a name for this form of communication through drinking: “nominike-shon”. It implies an opportunity to speak candidly and to let off steam, and even provides an acceptable excuse for what otherwise might be deemed inappropriate behavior. Let’s put it this way, you can smother your boss saying his management sucks and get away with it on Monday, he could not blame you…you were under the influence.

Back to my real point. Drinking in the UAE which is a muslim country is not allowed. Technically. When drinking a pint of beer could land you in prison in some parts of the Middle East, alcohol is tolerated in Dubai, with non-Muslims allowed to imbibe alcohol in city’s bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels.

Beer and other spirits are not available in supermarkets but they can be bought for personal consumption only in special stores like A&E and MMI and would require a liquor license. No liquor license, no booze.

Although we are of legal age no matter how young we look hee hee, M and I don’t have liquor license. Six months of not having a single drop of alcohol and we are perfectly ok. Did we miss alcohol at all? Hard question…but my answer would be NO.

Now, I can’t even think of any relevance why it has to be served on parties and make a scene like this. Can you?


7 thoughts on “Drinking in Dubai: What’s it Like?

  1. I wonder if their crime rates are lower….. vehicle accidents less…. family abuse lower….. it seems that alcohol contributes to alot of the bad and sad things that happen in society.
    I wouldn’t miss it either….in fact we hardly ever drink…. maybe once a year…. not a big deal in our family.

    Yes, the crime rates are lower here because alcohol is taken out of the picture.


  2. Yep, I agree. Alcohol taken in excess and without control and discipline can lead to a lot of untoward things.

    Can I link to your blog, Grace?


  3. the drunk-groom and bride figurine is really cute and funny. i wish i had that for my wedding cake.

    drink a little, drink a lot or don’t drink at all .. hmmm … i say, just don’t drink and drive!

    i really enjoy reading your blogs. take care!


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